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Thailand's healthiest source of mineral spring water enhanced with life supporting Oxygen micro-bubbles:

We call it Nano Oxygen Water!

You already know that clean water and air are essential for healthy living. But do you know the fundamental background of these two essential natural compounds?
The Air we Breathe:
For thousands of years, since the time of the Greeks, doctors have recognized the importance of oxygen to life. And what was true in the past has never been more important. With more and more pollution and contaminants in our food, environment, and living spaces, oxygen therapy is increasingly becoming a treatment of choice in both preventative and therapeutic contexts.

When you think of oxygen, you probably think of breathing air. And this is the primary way that people get oxygen. But it's not the most effective way to absorb oxygen.

Why? Air is a mixture of different gases and contains approximately 21% oxygen. The large bulk of it is nitrogen (78%), with the rest an assortment of other gases. Put it all together, and you have a hodgepodge of gases, some beneficial to life, and others, such as carbon dioxide, which are harmful to your health. Meanwhile, the oxygen that is absorbed must pass through the respiratory system before it can be utilized by the body.

You want more, and you deserve it.

We've researched the alternatives and found that an effective way to receive oxygen is through oxygen enriched water. Gaseous oxygen dissolve in chilled water, under pressure creates an oxygen-rich fluid that has a very special quality. The oxygen molecules form between the water molecules, sealed in until they encounter the cell membranes of organ tissues. Whey the oxygen enriched water encounters tissue in the glands, intestines, liver, kidneys, brain, heart, the oxygen is released, directly enriching cell functioning and providing life giving healing.

Water and Humans
Life began in water billions of years ago, and though we have come far from our first single-celled ancestors, we are still composed primarily of water. This is true across the lifespan. Think of the child in the womb, surrounded by water, seemingly swimming before birth. And when the child is born, they are natural swimmers, only to forget this ability as they grow older and adapted to life on land and in air.
Nano Oxygen Water Thailand
2 Great things come together as 1
Imagine the life-force in a mountain spring… natural water enhance by pure-clean air. We've taken that same concept and put nature together with technology to give you aerated water in a bottle. Using the latest micro-bubble technology and chilling the water in the process, we can pack loads of Oxygen into water. The Oxygen increase can be between 20 and 60% over a 6 month shelf life when stored in a cool, dark place.